It is our intention to create a happy, caring and supportive environment in which the education of each child can flourish.

Education is concerned with personal development.

There are a number of distinct facets: intellectual, physical, moral, spiritual, social, aesthetic and emotional. We aim to provide a broad curriculum to nurture growth in all these areas. We recognize that the rate of development in each of these areas varies from child to child, therefore our curriculum and teaching methods are designed to help each child realize his or her maximum potential.

Our aims are: –

1-   to create a happy, caring and secure community;

2-   to develop LOVE for ALLAH and His Prophet MUHAMMAD (SAW)

3-   respect and love towards his parents, country and fellows;

4-   to help children to develop honesty, kindness, caring attitudes, tolerance of and consideration for others;

5-   to help children to develop courtesy and good manners;

6-   to encourage children to be confident and zealous learners with ambition in mind to meet the challenges of changing time;