MLS is basically a vision based institute that become a reputable institute in a very short time through name, fame and success. I am happy to see that the initiative I took in 2009, with Allah’s help and with Chairman sb’s financial support and with the moral support of my well-wishers in 2009 has bore fruitful results. No doubt, My own educational experience in teaching field at the post of junior, senior teacher college lecturer and then selection at headship level in the well-reputed school of Pakistan helped me a lot and gave me the confidence to develop complete school curriculum and to select a team of competent people to run this system smoothly. I highly appreciate the efforts of the pre-school section of MLS named as”MLS Montessori“, working with a vision ‘Learning is Fun“. Teachers work diligently to make every child an independent individual who is able enough to carry through his daily life activities through provided Montessori apparatus along with learning of manners, numeric, alphabets etc. Junior and senior sections are also putting best to unfold explorative thoughts of students. As said by Socrates, when a man says ‘I Know` he closes his mind to all knowledge but at MLS every one enters to learn something new. Education is not just a matter of acquiring knowledge by an individual. The application of that knowledge to widen his or her perceptions and to face life’s challenges with courage and conviction makes a person a true learner. At MLS we also work hard to instill a love for Allah, His Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Our religion, parents, country and among our student. I am sure the learning process at MLS is not only a pleasurable episode in your child’s life, in fact really economical one also.         

     Mrs.Tahira Islam


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